Animal Enrichment is the process and practice of enriching an animals life.

This is possible by creating a peaceful atmosphere, and a comfortable enclosure for them while they are in our care.
It can also be done by providing them with activities and items to interact with, that will challenge them mentally and physically through-out their day.

We humans have many things to keep us occupied through-out our day.
Animals should have the same opportunity.

Imagine yourself being locked in a room without your phone, computer or ipod.
No books, tv, music, or games. Not even paper or pencils.
What would you do to entertain yourself?

If you leave the choice of entertaining themselves up to your animal, they may seek out something to engage with that is of value to you, or worse; something that is harmful to them.

Giving them certain Enrichment Products, and providing activities for them, allows you to have more control over what they get to entertain themselves with.

Here at PEP, we offer many different Enrichment Products for all kinds of animals.

We can also suggest activities, and simple Enrichment items that you can create yourself.

As you let your creativity flow, you will see that Animal Enrichment can be extremely fun and rewarding for both you and your animal.
                               "A Toy For Every Animal" 


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Welcome to PEP, Pet Enrichment Products.

PEP is a personal business dedicated to enriching the lives of animals worldwide.

"We believe every animal that is under human care must have something to interact with, that will challenge them mentally and physically through-out their day."

And so, at PEP our motto is "A Toy For Every Animal".

Our Enrichment Products are designed through research and observation, with safety for the animal being our top priority.  (See our Online Store)

Our Founder has always been active in the Animal Community, and is an expert in Animal Enrichment.

PEP's 'claim to fame' is that we can invent, create, or suggest an Enrichment Product for any, and all animals.

We can work with you on an idea you may have, or customize any of our products to meet your specific needs.

We also offer Enrichment Workshops and other Enrichment Services to benefit you and your animal.

We are available for event and school demonstrations.

And for the animals that can not afford Enrichment Products, we have a wonderful Donation Program.

             From all of us at PEP,
      Thank you for supporting your animals!
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